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Our Social Impact

Bringing environmental, social, and economic value to contexts where the consequences of global warming, soil degradation, and urbanization are affecting farmers the most. 

Hexagro Siembra Vertical aeroponics towers

Creating an impact with vertical farming 

We at Hexagro strive to allow anybody, anywhere to access healthy food by increasing the accessibility to vertical farming technologies for consumers and producers.

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Impact with vertical farming
Hexagro Siembra Vertical
social impact Poty

Hexagro Siembra Vertical

This is Hexagro’s sister brand to which we transfer technical knowledge, data and technologies to empower farmers and local communities in contexts where the consequences of global warming, soil degradation and urbanization are affecting farmers the most. 

Vertical farming can become an impactful solution but currently, these technologies are only accessible to companies that can cover the costs for launching such specialized operations and infrastructure. 

Urban Farming Network

An Urban Farming Network 

We envision a new food system where consumers and producers are connected within the same platform cutting supply chains and eliminating waste. Hexagro's Urban Farming Network is a place where everybody can benefit from meaningful connections with like-minded individuals that share the same passion for urban farming technologies. 

Agriculture has set the basis for human civilization and at Hexagro we believe urban agriculture can be a solution for a new and better society. Our simple way of making a difference in the world.

The creation of a strong Urban Farming Network will be a long process, but it starts from you. Every user counts towards the bigger goal of democratizing access to sustainable agriculture technologies and healthy food.

Hexagro Urban Farming Network
Matu Hexagro SV
Hexagro vertical aeroponics towers

MATU (Modular Aeroponic Farming Unit)

Hexagro is transferring its Aeroponic technology and know-how to low-cost, high-yield, vertical farming systems that can be integrated into existing greenhouses. 

This modular design is produced using recycled plastic materials and thanks to its stackable parts is easy to pack and ship. 

MATU allows the cultivation of 40 plants per tower, increasing the productivity of a greenhouse area. Thanks to the high-pressure aeroponic method it saves 90% of water, and 40% of fertilizers compared to soil-based methods. 

This system is being piloted by traditional farmers that don't have access to these kinds of methods.

Vertical Pots Hexagro SV

Vertical Pots (Poty System)

Hexagro is installing vertical pots in social projects in Colombia thanks to the partnership with foundations like Fundaces

For every Poty product sold Hexagro finances more pots to install across the social projects with our partners. Hexagro customers are not only improving their wellbeing by doing urban farming but also supporting vulnerable communities to adopt sustainable agriculture practices and install their own vertical gardens with a simple solution that provides high value in terms of usability and productivity. 

This system is being piloted by traditional farmers that don't have access to these kinds of methods.

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