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Grow fresh veggies with Poty, your own vertical garden 

Starting from €199



Lots of veggies, no need for a green thumb

Thanks to its digital interface farming

becomes easy and user friendly.

It’s compact and accommodates up to

40 plants, you will have fresh seasonal produce in the comfort of your home.

Available in two different sizes:

S KIT (20 plants)

L KIT (40 plants)

What you can grow

with Poty

Poty uses an organic substrate, almost anything can be grown in it!
You can grow these kind of plants:

Discover our favorite varieties to grow in winter!

What to grow poty
Poty Characteristics

Poty characteristics

Two sizes: fits up to 40 plants

Organic coconut substrate

Follow our lead for a successful harvest

Automated irrigation: it waters the plants for you

Grow all year, start now

Winter Kit

Starter Kit

Grow all winter and worry about nothing: in this kit included with your Poty, you’ll find everything you’ll need for a cold-proof cultivation!

winter kit-07.png

Seasonal seeds, selected to withstand even the coldest climates

winter kit-10.png

Non-woven fabric, to protect your Poty from harsh weather

winter kit-08.png

Nutrient mix, selected to guarantee an optimal growth

winter kit-11.png

Coconut substrate, so you’ll plants grow even more!

You won’t have to worry about anything: assemble your Poty, listen to Hexbee’s tips and you’re done!

How to grow with Poty

How to grow

with Poty

Assembly Poty

1. Stack the pots vertically

After receiving your Poty follow the instructions and assemble your new garden in less than

30 minutes!

Germinate on Poty

2. Germinate or get the seedlings

Prepare the substrate included in the box and fill the pots. Place the seedlings inside the pots.

Automated irrigation Poty

3. Take care: add nutrients and water

Add water with the nutrients included in the box and plug the cable to start irrigating your Poty!

Hexbee urban farmer assistant

4. Learn from the digital experience

Scan the QR Code in your box and access the digital experience. Register and get guided by Hexbee through the cultivation process!

Poty harvest

5. Harvest up to three times per plant!

Get ready to harvest and learn how to get the most out of your own delicious fresh vegetables.

Poty Hexbee


Hexbee icon

Your digital guide for a successful harvest

Meet Hexbee!

It will guide you along the different growing activities, will give you tips and tricks on how to become a better urban farmer! You don’t need to have a green thumb: Hexbee will guide you through every step! 

Hexbee is the perfect assistant for everyone,

no matter the age: grandparents and grandchildren alike can become expert gardeners, while having fun along the way.

Suscription Poty

The right resources to grow 365 days of the year

You can get seeds, seedlings, substrate and nutrients directly at your door with our resource supply service, to grow seasonal products all year.
Choose from the classics or more exotic varieties: there is something for everyone.

all inclusive agronomic service
where to grow poty

Where to grow

with Poty

Rooms with sunlight





Product currently available for EU customers only.

Shipping details will be shown at checkout.

Get notified when Poty will be available in your country!

Why to grow with Poty

Why should I grow food at home?

Because you need nature in your life.

All of us humans have a strong, innate

connection with nature:

now more than ever it’s time to reconnect.

It will make you happier!

Poty Social Impact

Our social impact

Empowering anyone to grow and access healthy food is our mission.


For every Poty sold, Hexagro will install one more pot into social projects for farmers and communities in developing countries.

Poty specs





Product Weight


Power Supply

L Kit

W 42 cm x L 42 cm x H 154 cm

40 plants

4.8 kg

Recycled PET vases, LLDPE piping, and Iron base

Input 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, US power plug,

EU or UK power plug

S Kit

W 42 cm x L 42 cm x H 83 cm

20 plants

3 kg

Recycled PET vases, LLDPE piping, and Iron base

Input 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, US power plug,

EU or UK power plug

More info

Interested in having

more information?

Urban farming network
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